When to Choose Sedation Dental Care and Sleep Through It

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Are you one of the 30 million people with dental anxiety or dental phobia? If so, chances are you’ve missed dental appointments because of the anxiety and fear.

Avoiding the dentist due to this phobia or anxiety puts your dental health at risk.

Unhealthy teeth can cause serious health issues, including heart disease. Instead of missing appointments, consider sedation dental care.

Being sedated while at the dentist makes the experience much less scary.

Think sedation dental care may be exactly what you need? Continue reading to learn about this effective type of dental care.


Types of Sedation

Sedation dentistry is ideal for a variety of procedures, including:

  • Fillings
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extractions
  • Cosmetic procedures

If you have one of these procedures scheduled in the future, consider being sedated. There are three types of sedation, including:

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • Oral sedatives
  • Intravenous sedatives

Laughing gas is the most commonly used sedation. While the gas won’t put you to sleep, it puts you into a deep state of relaxation.

For more involved procedures, oral or intravenous sedatives may be needed.


Is Sedation Dental Care Right for You?

There are many reasons to use sedation dentistry. Here are just a few ways to know if this is the right decision for you.

You Suffer From Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety the minute you walk into a dentist’s office, sedation can help. A fear of going to the dentist can cause all sorts of health issues.

Sedation dentistry reduces anxiety and fear. Knowing you’ll be relaxed and pain-free will ensure you make it to your appointments.

You Have Oral Sensitivities

Do you have sensitive teeth? Are you worried about your gag reflex during dental appointments?

Under sedation, you can overcome these sensitivities. The sedation will put you into a state of euphoria and your sensitivities are controlled.

You Want a Pain-Free Appointment

Certain dental procedures, such as fillings and root canals, can be painful. No one likes to be in pain. Thankfully, with sedation dentistry, the worst appointments can be painless.

If you have a low pain tolerance, sedation is a useful option. Pain makes patients reluctant to go to the dentist.

Wouldn’t you be more willing to go if you knew you’d experience no pain?

You Want to Knock Out a Long Procedure

It’s one thing to spend 30 minutes in the office for a tooth cleaning. It’s another to have to sit in the office for hours.

Complex dental procedures require more time. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax and sleep during a long visit?

With sedation dental care, hours can feel like minutes.

Sedation Dentistry You Can Trust

Considering sedation dentistry? If so, you’ll want to find a dentist you can trust. Ease your anxiety and fear by finding a reputable dentist experienced in sedation dentistry.

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