Every 6 months to keep your future dental costs down

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dentistryHave you just relocated or are you in need of General Dentistry in Fallbrook, CA? Is it time for your 6 month check up? Since the beginning of time we have all been told that you need to see your dentist twice a year. Why is this? Like anything else, it is necessary to perform maintenance on your teeth to deter future problems.

Using your dental benefits every 6 months will help cut down costs of future extensive dental reparis. By seeing your dentist every 6 months, problems with your teeth will be caught early. This means that an issue can be addressed before it gets to the stage where it could be irreparable or put you in debt.

Say you have a cavity when you go in for your six month cleaning at your General Dentistry appointment in Fallbrook, CA. The cavity is small, and a filling is all that is needed. Had you not gone into your 6 month check up, then it could a turned into a large cavity that may have resulted in the tooth needing a root canal or to be extracted. These procedures can cost hundreds of dollars with insurance and thousands without.

At your visit xrays will be taken, a visual screening will be performed and your gum health will be analyzed. Any plaque that is built up on your teeth will be removed and then your teeth will be polished by a dental hygeinist. This will help decrease your chances of developing cavities. You change the oil in your car every 3000 miles to keep the engine healthy and running smoothly, and that is how you should look at your 6 month check up with your Dentist in Fallbrook, CA.

In fact, some individuals may need to come more often for check ups. These include those who may have tooth pain, hot or cold sensitivities brought on suddenly, broken teeth or gum issues. These individuals include people who may be on medication or getting treatments for other ailments where the medication may have long term or serious affects on teeth and gums.

Always remember a smile can take you a long way both socially and health wise. Our teeth and gum health gives us a clear indication of being healthy on the inside of our bodies. Often we take for granted our smiles, only finding that sometimes we wait too long to take care of whats really necessary. Don’t fall into that category, taking care of your teeth is as easy as a 1 hour visit twice a year.